Summer Holiday Hair Care Tips

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Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy and Thriving with These Tips!

Ready to learn the hottest tricks to keep your hair and skin looking healthy all through summer? Read our summer holiday hair care hacks.

Your hair journey doesn’t end when you step out of the salon. We want our clients to feel fabulous all year long. That’s why we’ve put together some useful tips and must-do tricks to keep your hair looking and feeling fantastic even when you’re on holiday. 

Minimise time spent in direct sunlight 

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Did you know that 80% of the sun's UV rays reach the earth’s surface, even when it's cloudy? Even if it doesn't feel hot outside, the harmful effects of the sun can cause damage to your skin and hair.

Most of us love revelling in the sunshine working on our tans, but prolonged time in direct sunlight can wreak havoc on our skin and hair. The hottest time of day is usually 12 pm - 2 pm so it’s best to avoid direct sunlight at this time as the harsh UV rays can cause long-term damage. The answer to this conundrum? Protection, protection, protection! 

Pro product tip: Wear high-factor sunblock and a sunhat if you have to be out at peak times. We suggest Dermalogica & Redken products to protect your hair and skin from the effects of the sun.
Your stylist or therapist will tailor a personalised product plan based on your holiday needs.

Protect your hair while swimming

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Swimming is one of the best parts of a summer, beach-filled vacation. However, it’s not always fun for your hair. Chlorine can strip natural oils and make hair porous. It can be particularly harmful to blonde hair, sometimes causing a green tinge.

Saltwater can also cause scalp and hair dehydration, resulting in brittle, dry hair. Try to keep your hair out of the water as much as possible and stock up on leave-in conditioning treatments for those pool days.

Pro product tip: We recommend Redken's One United as a leave-in protector for your hair. The bottle easily fits into your beach bag so you can spray your hair as needed throughout the day.

Stay hydrated!


Keeping yourself hydrated on holiday is a must. Keep a water bottle on hand at all times and keep sipping fresh water throughout the day. Not only will this keep you cool, but it will keep your hair and skin looking fresh and silky. Staying hydrated is a big part of your summer holiday hair care action plan. 

Prep before you go 

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They say that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Why not book a hair or skin treatment before your summer holiday starts? Not only will this make you look and feel fabulous for the upcoming holiday but it will also prep your skin and hair to give it the best chance to survive (and thrive) in the sunshine. 

It’s also a good idea to book some treatments for when you’re back. The sun takes its toll on our hair and skin so your therapist can tailor a repair plan if needed. This might involve a trim or a range of conditioning and nourishing treatments so you can feel youthful and prevent additional damage.

If you are keen to get holiday ready, call us 029 2061 1566  (Rhiwbina) or 029 2022 9000 (Wyndham).  Alternatively, book online using the links at the top of the page.