Hair Extensions in Cardiff

Enhance your hair's length, volume and style and get the beautiful locks you've been dreaming of with hair extensions from the experts at Michelle Marshall Salons in Cardiff

Our fully-trained hair extensions specialists and Racoonistas can transform your hair using the finest quality hair extensions from industry specialists Racoon and Great Lengths.

To find out more or book please call 029 2061 1566 (Rhiwbina) or 029 2022 9000 (Wyndham).  Alternatively, complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch.

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Add Length, Volume and Colour to Your Hair with Hair Extensions

At our Cardiff salons we can achieve beautiful, seamless hair transformations using top quality hair extensions, giving you the longer, fuller hair of your dreams.  We are the hair extensions specialists in Cardiff and use only the best hair extensions available for exceptional softness and shine with natural looking results.

What type of hair extensions do you offer at Michelle Marshall?

We offer a range of different hair extension types, depending on your preference, including:

  • Racoon Luxe Link Extensions
  • Racoon Luxe Weft Tape-In Extensions
  • Bonded Hair Extensions 

Looking For Racoon Hair Extensions In Cardiff ?

Racoon Hair Extensions are known internationally as the ultimate luxury brand and they are the choice of many celebrities when it comes to adding length and volume to their hair.  Their extensions use premium quality, ethically sourced 100% human hair for outstanding results. 

Racoon's extension systems have been scientifically proven to be kind to your natural hair, having been approved by a top trichologist.  Only fully trained hair stylists can qualify to become a Racoonista so you can be assured of an outstanding service.

Take a look at these before and after images to see the kind of transformation we can bring to your hair with Racoon extensions. 

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Racoon Luxe Link Hair Extensions

Luxe Link is a trichologist-approved extensions system which is quick and easy, safe, stylish and fabulous.  Also known as hair extension ring systems, they are perfect for guests preferring a no heat, no glue system and offer a faster approach to extension application and removal.  A full head can be applied in just 90 minutes and safely removed in less than 30 minutes.

They are available in a great range of colours and are applied to the using round-cornered micro-links.  Racoon's micro-links are the smallest on the market, and they're comfortable to wear as well as being undetectable.  They can be safely worn for at least six months, and up to a year with regular maintenance appointments.  Every six to twelve weeks they will be removed and re-fitted by our extensions specialist in salon.

Some hair extension link systems can damage the hair when removed, but Racoon's Luxe Link system has been approved by trichologists as safe.

Transform your hair colour with hair extensions

As well as adding length to your hair, extensions are also a great way to add colour.   Be bold and add some coloured hair extensions into your natural hair - maybe some pretty pastel shades or a bright and vibrant purple, red or blue!

We also offer classic hair colour shades such as blacks, browns, reds, coppers and blondes and are trained to create the latest balayage and ombre looks too.

Add volume with hair extensions 

With the use of hair extensions, both men and women can add volume to thinning hair and achieve great results. Hair extensions can give you thicker, fuller hair that you’ve always dreamed of.  The variation of colours and hair textures available also means we can match your hair extensions to your natural hair colour and texture.  

Add luxurious length with hair extensions

Before and After Racoon Luxe Weft Tape Hair Extension Cardiff Hair Salon Michelle Marshall 2Forget the hassle of growing your hair and have some high-quality human hair extensions added to your locks instead! 

Whether you’re after a little or a lot of length, our Racoon and Great Lengths hair extensions are available in lengths ranging from 20cm to 80cm. 

Our guest's fantastic flowing locks (left) were created using Racoon Luxe Link extensions.

Book your free hair extensions consultation at your local Cardiff salon

If you're looking for the best salon for hair extensions in Cardiff, look no further than Michelle Marshall Salons.  We offer a comprehensive consultation service to assess your hair, discuss your desired look and explain the process, time, cost and aftercare.  

All our extensions prices include hair, fitting, cut and styling. Not sure what hair, length and amount you need? Contact us today for a free consultation to ensure you choose the correct hair and amount needed. 

Complete the form below to book a consultation and we will get in touch.  

Hair Extensions FAQs

Will hair extensions damage my hair?


Racoon Extensions have been tested and are scientifically proven not to cause damage to your hair when properly fitted and removed.

Their bonded hair extensions can be easily and safely blended into your natural hair using tiny bonds to attach the extensions.  The bonding material is non-allergenic and contains natural products including pine kernel and orange peel extracts.  The bonds are virtually invisible and leave no trace or residue.

How long will my hair extensions last?


The hair extensions fitted at our Cardiff salons can be worn for at least six months depending on the type chosen.   We will provide you with full after-care information to help you maintain and keep them in the best possible condition.

How much do hair extensions cost?


Adding hair extensions is customised service and so the cost will vary depending on the look you want to achieve.  Book a consultation with Jess and Hannah who will guide you through the options available, taking account of your budget. 

How long does my hair have to be before I can have extensions fitted?


Your hair will need to be a minimum of 4 inches long to achieve a natural-looking long-hair look with extensions.

As a rough idea, this means your hair needs to be just about long enough to gather into a hair tie before we can fit your extensions.

Will hair extensions feel too heavy in my own hair?


It's normal to wonder how hair extensions will feel in your hair if you've never had them before, and we know that some guests are concerned that they will be uncomfortable.

At your initial consultation we will assess your hair and recommend the type of extensions that will work best for you.   We offer a choice of methods and hair so that we can get the best fit for all of our guests.  We always ensure that your hair extensions will feel comfortable to wear and should not feel heavy.

Should I give my hair a rest between having sets of hair extensions fitted?


No, professionally fitted hair extensions do not damage your hair so there's no need to give your hair a break between sets being fitted.

Will it be obvious that I'm wearing hair extensions?


No, our Racoon and Great Lengths hair extensions are virtually undetectable.  By booking an appointment hair extensions extensions and choosing the best quality available, you will be able to treat the extensions like your natural hair.  We take time to cut them and blend them perfectly into your own hair and can guarantee a perfect colour match.

Take a look at some of our before and after images on our website so see the natural looking results we achieve.