Training at Michelle Marshall Salon in Cardiff

Michelle Marshall Duke Street Salon hairdressersWe take the training of our whole hairdressing Team very seriously here at Michelle Marshall Salon in Cardiff city centre and Rhiwbina. 

After all,unless we practice new and existing techniques and skills in colouring, hair cutting, barbering right through to creative hair styling and updo’s , how can we improve what we offer in the salon to our guests in way of service if we don’t experiment.




The team from both salons pictured here is our most recent pre lockdown shoot,

To help us all practise and improve our skills we offer various hairdressing services at reduced prices.  All of our Team work really hard to really hone their skills and creativity, giving you a stunning finished look at a fraction of their usual charges just because they want to experiment with something new. The team take turns in when they attend these sessions and therefore may need specific things that they want to experiment with, if you are up for experimenting and happy to have something new and not necessaryily with a firm goals in mind and are flexible with when you want your hair created. Then you’ll be what we are looking for to join our list of models.

Please bear in mind all learning whether with a experienced 20yrs hairdresser or a     1 year experienced hairdresser will take longer than usual. these sessions are slowed down to get the most out of the learning and enable the team to create great social media content experience the new products and services we are developing along with getting the most out of the session as possible.

Our newly promoted graduate Chloe is brilliant at what she does and you will be really impressed with her skills , because she is newly promoted she is offering reduced charges for an initial period whilst she is fresh to the salon floor, Please see our regular menu and her Graduate stylist charges. 

Colouring session                             £25

Blonding session                              £30

Double colouring or blonding session          £60

barbering session                             £10

Cutting and styling session                   £15

Styling session                               £10

Please note: All colouring sessions include a chemistry treatment & Styling. If you are having a hair colour applied, you must book in for a consultation and skin allergy test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Training at Michelle Marshall Salons Cardiff
from pre lockdown picture of some of the team