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hair colour from Redken experts at Michelle Marshall Hairdressers in Cardiff

The right hair colour can take you from drab to fab so why not let the hair colour experts at Michelle Marshall Salon in Cardiff work their magic on your locks?

Not only have our Redken hair colour experts won various awards for their hair colour skills, our Creative Director Michelle Marshall and the Michelle Marshall Salon were the first to receive the Redken verified hair colourist status in Wales.

Our team are highly trained in the latest hair colouring techniques and can offer the full range of hair colour services, including Express Hair Colour, balayage and ombré, full colour, hair contouring and highlights & lowlights. We also offer no ammonia hair colour options if you are sensitive to hair colour.

We are committed to creating the very best in professional hair colour services, so much so that we have introduced Redken pH Bonder into all of our hair colour services. Your hair will be left with incredible shine and feeling super strong, healthy and in great condition.  


  • All guests will require a quick allergy skin test 48 hours before your colour appointment.

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Balayage & Ombré Hair Colour Trends  

Our team of Redken hair colour experts are highly trained to create bespoke balayage and ombré looks.

If you are after a softer, natural-looking hair colour, balayage may be the look you’re after! Balayage means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ in French and involves painting or sweeping colour through your hair for a sun-kissed look.  This is a great low-maintenance hair colour as your root regrowth will be less noticeable.  

Our ‘Ombré Glaze’ offers a more obvious two-tone hair colour with a defined line between the two colours.  Find out more about our Balayage & Ombré services in Cardiff.

Hair Colour Contouring 

Hair colour contouring is all about choosing colours to compliment your skin tone and face shape.  Clever placements of colour can create a deception of light and shade.  Hairdressing has definitely been taken to the next level and the possibilities are endless with our hair colour experts at Michelle Marshall Hairdressers in Cardiff

Platinum & Silver Grey Hair Colours 

Look and feel trendy with the latest platinum and silver grey hair colours. We can create all the latest on-trend hair colours and are up-to-date with the latest hair colour techniques. Whether it’s flashes of colour, or hidden rainbow colours, pastel hues or bold hair colours, we will work with you to create unique hair colour.

Highlights & Lowlights 

If you’re feeling daring, how about a pop of pastel pink or silver grey highlights to add interest to your natural hair colour? Highlights or lowlights can brighten or darken your natural hair colour and add multiple tones and shades.  We can offer a multitude of colour choices from sun-kissed blondes, to vibrant redheads or chocolate brown lowlights.  

Men’s Hair Colour 

When discussing hair colour, it’s not only women who have all the fun. Hair colour is growing increasingly popular for men who want to add interest to their hairstyle or fancy covering up grey hair.  If you are interested in hair colour then book in for a consultation with one of our experienced hair colour technicians.

Hair Colour Change

Hair disasters do happen! Sometimes colouring your hair at home doesn’t always go to plan, hair ends up orange instead of blonde, green instead of brunette. Thankfully our staff are fully trained in the art of colour correction. We will do what is needed to help you get back to your planned colour and give advice on how to maintain your hair’s health through hair colour treatments.  Read more about our Hair Colour Change service.

Hair From Behind the Chair

Check out these fabulous hair colours created from our Cardiff salon. 

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For a hair colour refresh, a stunning new hair colour, or to correct hair colour that has gone wrong, book in for a hair colour consultation by giving us a call on 029 2061 1566.