Balayage & Ombré

Get The Look: Balayage & Ombré Hair Colour Techniques at Michelle Marshall Salon in Cardiff

Two of the most popular hair colour trends are balayage and ombré.  Our hair colour experts in Cardiff have been highly trained to create beautiful bespoke balayage & ombré hair colour looks.

There are several balayage looks to choose from and a multitude of colour options, so make sure you book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with one of our colour technicians before your appointment.  Together we can work out the perfect balayage hair colour for you. 

Please note: If you are new to hair colour or have not had your hair coloured with us for 6 months or more, you must have a quick hair colour skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to your appointment.

To book your hair appointment, please call the salon on 029 2061 1566 or book online

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Ombré or Balayage – Which Hair Colour Is Right For Me?

Not sure what the difference is between ombré and balayage?  

Balayage hair colour tends to be more subtle with a few sections of colour being added through your roots, blending to give a more dense colour towards the tips of your hair. 

The ombré technique gives a more defined colour change with darker roots becoming lighter towards the ends.  We are unlikely to add highlights around the regrowth area if you are looking for a dramatic colour change.  

Both balayage and ombré are low-maintenance hair colours and we can find the right tones to suit all.  

Blonde Balayage at Michelle Marshall Hairdressers in Cardiff

balayage at michelle marshall hairdressers in cardiffThe French word balayage means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’ and is a free-hand technique which allows our colour technicians to add colour exactly where you want it.  The look can be created on all hair lengths and colours and can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.

Blonde balayage is an increasingly popular look with choices including subtle honey-blonde colour to silver platinum blonde colour trends.

Our hair colour experts have been highly trained to understand exactly how your hair will respond to the hair colouring process.  We understand how to apply the colour to achieve the look you desire.  We can also protect your hair during your service by adding the superb Redken PH Bonder which prevents hair damage that can occur during the colouring process.  Your hair will be left looking shiny and feeling strong, healthy and in great condition.

Balayage & Ombré – Your Hair, Your Way! 

Many clients ask for blonde balayage or blonde ombré but we can also create fabulous hair looks with just about any hair colour including pastel pinks, blues, lilacs, reds and purples!  You may want your balayage to look subtle, or dramatic, perhaps you’re after ombré that is clearly two-toned but you want the definition between the colours to be a more subtle shade. Whatever your desire, we are masters in creating the best hair colours so book in for a colour consultation so we can work out the perfect look for you. 

From Behind the Chair

Check out these transformations created by our colour experts in salon. 

Balayage & Ombré Hair Colour at Michelle Marshall Salon, Cardiff

Book in for a hair colour consultation with our hair colour experts at Michelle Marshall Hair Salon so we can work out a plan for your hair.  Please call the salon on 029 2061 1566 or book online

Don’t forget that you will need a skin sensitivity patch test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment if you have not had your hair coloured before (or in the past six months or more).