Hair Colour Change in Cardiff & Rhiwbina

Hair Colour Change to pink at Cardiff Hairdressers

If you’ve dyed your hair at home or elsewhere and it has been a disaster, do not worry.  The hair colour experts at Michelle Marshall Salon in Cardiff can fix your hair colour problems and return your hair to a beautiful colour and condition.   

We are proud to offer new Colour Undo at our Cardiff salons.  This revolutionary product removes unwanted hair colour whilst maintaining the hair’s condition.  Unlike traditional bleaching methods, this safe and gentle product allows us to colour your hair again straight away, without the need for time for it to recover.

Before and After Hair Colour Transformation Colour Undo Cardiff hairdressers

Whether you’ve had a hair colour disaster at home, want to remove built up hair colour build up, or simply fancy a radical colour change, the hair colour experts at our Cardiff salons have the skills to produce outstanding results.

As a first step, book a hair colour consultation, at which we will assess your hair and discuss the options available to correct the colour and any damage and transform it to the colour of your choice.   Contact us as soon as possible so we can help with your hair colour change.

Please note: 

You will need to have a consultation and a quick hair colour sensitivity patch test 48 hours before your colour appointment.  

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I’ve Had a Hair Colour Disaster – How Do I Fix It?

We understand the temptation to colour your hair at home, but trust us when we say it is not worth the risk! At our Cardiff & Rhiwbina hair salons, we fix home hair colour disasters all the time. Whether your hair has become brittle from over-processing or the colour has not turned out as you wanted, rest assured we can fix your hair colour issues.

My Hair Has Turned Orange – What Should I Do?

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When using box dye hair colour at home, it can be notoriously difficult to achieve the same colour that you see advertised on the box. Blonde hair can turn green, a brassy blonde, or orange, while brunettes wanting to lighten their hair often end up with orange hair.

 It’s important to seek professional help immediately. Speak to one of our hair colour experts, who can discuss options and explain how long the hair colour change process will take. Do not try and colour your hair again at home! This can make your colour worse and damage your hair further.

My Hair Colour Is Uneven!

Patchy, uneven hair colour is another common side effect of at-home hair colour. Hair colouring is a technical skill and an art form, which means it is always best to get your hair coloured professionally. We will assess each section of your hair and treat each area to ensure you end up with a blended, beautiful hair colour (without the patches!)

My Home Balayage Hair Dye Did Not Work!

ombre color melt root stretch or root shadow ash blonde


Balayage is an intricate bespoke hair colouring technique that is best left to the professionals in our Cardiff & Rhiwbina hair salons.

We have received specialist training which means we can create the most beautiful balayage and ombre hair colours like the gorgeous colour in this picture (left).

How Long Will My Hair Colour Transformation Take?

This will depend on your hair’s condition, length and how many shades lighter or darker you want to go.  The good news is that with our Colour Undo service, we are able to offer the quickest colour change service on the market, all whilst maintaining your hair’s condition.

Book Your Hair Colour Change Appointment

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have a home hair dye disaster, book your hair colour consultation at Michelle Marshall hairdressers in Cardiff today.  You can book your colour appointment online or call us on 029 2061 1566.