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Colour Undo At Michelle Marshall Hair Salons In Cardiff

Correcting your hair colour has just got a whole lot easier! A breakthrough, brand new product has just arrived at Michelle Marshall Hairdressers in Rhiwbina & Wyndham…

Colour Undo is a revolutionary professional product that removes colour from the hair without damaging the condition. This is the first of its kind and has changed the way colour correction works as it speeds up the colour change process massively.

The images above show the results achieved for one of our lovely guests after just one application of Colour Undo at our Cardiff City Centre salon. 

So, if you ever have a hair colour disaster, the first thing you should do is book an appointment at one of our Michelle Marshall Hair Salons as we are the first salons in Cardiff to offer this incredible product!

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Remove Unwanted Hair Colour From Your Hair With Colour Undo

Colour Undo colour correction at top Cardiff hairdressersColour Undo can be used on all permanent and semi-permanent hair colour, and won't affect hair that hasn’t been coloured.

This amazing product can be used for a variety of reasons – not just for fast colour correction for at-home DIY disasters!

Here are a few examples of what Colour Undo can be used for:

  • When you accidentally over-tone your highlights.
  • If you want to remove box dye hair colour to replace it with a new, different hair colour.
  • To reduce hair colour build-up.
  • So that we can create the perfect starting point for a hair colour change.
  • To return your hair to the last level of oxidised lift.

Not only this, but Colour Undo also contains Argan Oil which improves the condition of your hair, helping to restore its natural shine and brilliance.

The Best Product For Colour Correction

At Michelle Marshall Hairdressing Salons, we only offer the best products, which is why we are proud to provide Colour Undo as part of our colour correction services.

One of the many reasons that Colour Undo is so great is because before this product existed, the colour correction methods (such as harsh strippers and bleach baths) tended to be unreliable, uncontrollable and could cause damage to the condition of the hair.

Before and After Hair Colour Transformation Colour Undo Cardiff hairdressers

Now - thanks to Colour Undo - we can remove hair colour easily & effectively using a process that is:

  • Bleach-free,
  • Ammonia-free,
  • Vegan friendly,
  • Non-toxic,
  • Cruelty free,
  • Safe and gentle.

Since Colour Undo has all these great properties which help maintain (and even improve!) your hair’s condition, we can safely re-colour your hair on the same day!

Colour Undo takes an hour for a full process, and can even be used up to 3 times within 24 hours. So, we’re sure to get your hair to a colour that you’ll love with the help of this fantastic product.

Take a look at this video to find out why we're so excited to introduce this product at our Cardiff salons!

Book Your Hair Appointment At The Top Cardiff Hairdressers

For whatever reason you need your hair colour removed, be sure to book an appointment at Michelle Marshall Hair Salons in Rhiwbina & Wyndham. As the first salons in Cardiff to use Colour Undo, we’ll provide you with the best colour correction results. To book your appointment call us on 029 2022 9000 or book online at the top of the page.