Caring For Your Balayage Hair Colour

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Look After Your Beautiful Balayage with These Professional Tips

Balayage remains one of the most popular hair trends in 2024. Meaning sweeping in French, this hand-painted highlighting technique achieves a gorgeous, natural sun-kissed look. By caring for your balayage and applying these tips, you can enjoy show-stopper locks that require little maintenance. Your balayage journey begins with your colour consultation and continues long after we create your dream hairstyle.

Follow these helpful tips and must-dos and don’ts to get the most out of your balayage.

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No washing for 48 - 72 hours after treatment

This is a golden rule when it comes to balayage as premature washing can lead to the colour flooding out. Your post-hair balayage is unstable for at least 48 hours after colouring. The longer you keep your hair dry after treatment, the longer your balayage colour will last.

Use stylist-approved products

High-quality, salon-approved hair products will ensure that your hair stays healthy and nourished. Use Redken shampoo and conditioner plus treatments that your stylist has recommended to ensure longevity. Always chat with your stylist about any hair care concerns so that they can curate a bespoke treatment plan for your unique needs.

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Salon visits every 6-8 weeks

While balayage is low-maintenance, it’s advisable to pop to your nearest Michelle Marshall salon every 6-8 weeks to keep things looking fresh. During these visits, we can apply a top zone toner for optimal colour results and potentially add some face-framing highlights when needed.

We can also trim any dry ends to keep your locks looking lush since balayage hair is often more colour-treated towards the mid and bottom lengths than other styles.

Use heat tools sparingly

Heat tools like hairdryers and curling tongs can dry out hair and cause colours to fade. Minimise using heat tools where possible and if you need to, work with salon-approved tools like GHD heat. Apply Redken Extreme Play Safe 230°C heat treatment spray to clean, damp hair before using any heat.

Special care for ash and platinum tones

Ash and platinum tones are more unstable than their caramel counterparts. It’s advised to get them topped up every 1-4 weeks depending on how ash or platinum you'd like your hair to be. Your expert stylist will help you to curate a personalised colour plan depending on your balayage style.

While colours begin to fade after treatment due to chemical factors and environmental factors, these tips can help to keep your balayage looking vibrant and healthy for longer.

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