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Care for Your Platinum Blonde Hair with These Top Tips

If you adore platinum blonde hair and ash shades, you’re in good company. These gorgeous hues are versatile, suit a wide array of skin tones, and make a show-stopping statement. However, keeping these colours fresh and preventing breakage takes a little work. While we know you’ll leave our salons with a look you LOVE, these at-home tricks can keep your hair healthy and vibrant all year long.

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No washing for 48-72 hours after treatment

Wait at least 48 hours (and ideally 72 hours) before washing your hair after a platinum or ash colour treatment. This prevents the colour from flooding out and gives your hair time to stabilise. When you do wash your hair, use COOL water rather than hot water to lock in the colour and prevent damage.

Use strengthening hair products

Lightening processes unfortunately take a toll on our hair. Achieving bright blonde, ash, grey, or platinum shades requires a lot of bleaching. This makes hair more fragile than usual and means your hair needs extra TLC.

We recommend that you use products from the Redken Extreme range as this will combat any damage and strengthen the hair. This regimen restores hair health and prevents future breakage, making it the perfect pick for those with platinum and ash tones.

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Top up roots every six weeks

As a general rule, if you have a full-head scalp bleach you shouldn’t wait longer than 6 weeks before having the root area topped up. This allows the stylist to get an optimal and even lift. Waiting longer might result in a banding effect and make it trickier to get past yellow shades.

Leaving a longer gap between touch-ups can result in a double process to create even shades, putting more strain on the hair and meaning more time in the salon chair.

Ensure Your salon uses bonding agents

As a standard rule, all of our lighteners contain bonding agents. These products penetrate the hair shaft at a cellular level to strengthen weakened hair bonds. Bond repair technology protects the internal bonds in your hair from breaking during the lightning service, restoring hair strength, softness, and shine after bleaching.

Reduce heat

Since bleached hair is more fragile, it’s best to reduce heat as much as possible. Heat not only breaks down the hair but it also causes toner to lift. If you need to use heat, always use protective products like Redkin Extreme Play Safe spray. Apply onto wet or dry hair and experience 28 % less breakage. When possible, opt to air dry your hair.

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If you LOVE cooler shades like ash and platinum tones, these maintenance tips can help you keep your hair in tip-top shape. Since these tones are more unstable than other shades, they will need to be topped up every 1-4 weeks depending on how ash or platinum you like your hair to be.

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