Hairstyles for Older Women

Hair Ideas for Older Women at Michelle Marshall Hair Salon in Cardiff

It’s official, 50 is the new 35!  These days we know that older women are giving their younger counterparts a run for their money when it comes to looking stylish, but if you feel you are stuck in a time warp with your hairstyle, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

If you’re still wearing your hair in the same style you had when you were 25, then it’s probably time for an update!  While some classic haircuts such as bobs and pixie cuts have stood the test of time, the tight curly perms of the 1980s are a definite no-no today.

Pop in to our hair salon in Cardiff and let us update your look. We can give you a hairstyle that is flattering and a hair colour that suits your skin tone.  We’ll find a style that suits you, your personality, lifestyle and hair type – all you need to give you a confidence boost and have some fun!

In this article you will find some of the top hairstyles that many older women request. It’s time to throw the hair rule book out of the window and find a haircut and colour that is perfect for you, whatever your age!

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Mid-Length Hair Suits Older Women

Mid-length hair looks good on everyone – no matter what age or face shape!   Hair length that’s just below the chin and hovering anywhere between there and your chin to shoulders is defined as mid-length.  This look has the added advantage of being great for hiding an ageing neck if that’s something you’re worried about.  We think Diane Keaton gets this look absolutely spot on.

Side-Sweeping Fringes & Layers Make You Look Younger

A side-sweeping fringe is very flattering and can make you look younger by focusing attention on your eyes and covering any wrinkles that may be creeping onto your forehead!  Add a few layers to your hair too and you’ll suddenly be looking more youthful – see how timeless Jane Fonda looks with this style!

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Long Hair For Older Women (Gasp!)

Can older women wear their hair long?  Certainly they can!  Just look at the fantastic Michelle Pfeiffer, Andi Macdowell and Sofia Loren!  Forget the unwritten rule that once you hit 40 you have to cut your hair shorter.  If you love your long hair and it suits you, there is absolutely no reason why you should cut it if you don’t want to.   You just need to keep it looking fabulous by booking in to Michelle Marshall hair salon in Cardiff for regular trims and conditioning treatments.

Disguise Fine & Thinning Hair – Top Tips for More Mature Women

 Most women see some changes in their hair once they hit the menopause.  It can become finer, thinner, coarser, or just a little bit ‘fluffy’ (grey hair can tend to have a life of its own!)   Short hairstyles, such as those worn by Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren, can be ideal for disguising fine hair.  All you need is the right haircut, some great hair products and an expert hair stylist to create the look!

Talk to your stylist at Michelle Marshall hair salon in Cardiff and we will be happy to help with your hair issues.  Please don’t feel embarrassed about thinning hair – it’s a problem we deal with regularly.  We can recommend the right hair care and styling products for hair loss, fine hair and hair breakage.  We stock a wide range of Redken products and may recommend a specialist hair treatment to strengthen your hair.  

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Grey Hair?  Don’t Care!

 Silver grey hair is one of the biggest hair colour trends we’ve seen recently so if your hair is a gorgeous silvery colour, why not keep it and show those millenials a thing or two?  It’s such a striking look, you may even find people approaching you to find out how you achieved the colour!   Your stylist can recommend the best hair care products to ensure your silver hair looks it’s cool best, cleansing and eliminating warmer tones and keeping it looking vibrant. We can also adjust the shade to give you a silver grey that suits you.  We think Dame Judi Dench’s hair colour is simply fabulous.

Hair Colour For The Over 50s

If you aren’t convinced that silver grey hair is for you, why not take a leaf out of Dame Helen Mirren’s book and had a bit of fun with our hair colour?   Today, older women can wear just about any hair colour with the added advantage that white or light grey hair will take a new colour very well.   Rest assured that your colour specialist at Michelle Marshall salon in Cardiff will help you find the right tone to suit you and let you know how best to maintain it.   Find out more about our hair colour services here.

Hair Cuts & Colours for Stylish Over 50s at Michelle Marshall Hair Salon in Cardiff

We love creating fabulous hair cuts and colours for women of all ages and will help you find a great look that suits you.  Simply call our salon on 029 2061 1566 or book online for your step towards timeless stylish hair.